Up to $10,000 for eligible apprentices under expanded program

7 May, 2024

The Federal Government has announced that its鈥 New Energy Apprenticeships Program will be expanded to provide incentives to encourage more people into clean energy jobs.

The program gives apprentices up to $10,000 in support over the duration of their apprenticeship, helping to offset cost-of-living challenges, especially during their first two years.

From 1 June 2024, the program will be broadened to help more apprentices and trainees skilling-up in sectors with exposure to clean energy, such as housing construction, automotive and advanced manufacturing.

Changes to the existing program include the removal of a requirement that an apprentice鈥檚 work be solely dedicated to clean energy, while retaining a clean energy skilling purpose for the apprenticeship.

The types of apprenticeships that are eligible will also be expanded, including designing and constructing hydroelectricity, solar and battery installations, electric vehicle maintenance and more.

The New Energy Apprenticeships Program covers 40 different occupations, encouraging more apprentices to build skills relevant for the net zero transition.