Digital Skills Cadetship Program

美诱直播鈥檚 Digital Skills Cadetship Program has been successfully running since June 2022. This gateway program was for participants to enter the exciting field of information technology in a supportive and encouraging environment.

This 14-week program was specifically designed for women who are:

  • Returning to the workforce from an extended break
  • From an under-represented group, such as newly arrived migrants, refugees, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, and the culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Transitioning from underemployed industries affected by COVID-19, and other circumstances
  • Simply looking towards a new career

The program offered Microsoft Specialised micro-credentials in cyber security, data analytics or cloud-based computing.

Candidate applications for this program are now closed.

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Candidate applications for the Cadetship are now closed.

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